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As a holding company of the GI Group that contributes to the prosperity of its customers and itself through diversified businesses and investment activities in both domestic and overseas markets and continues to create economic corporate value, and as an enterprise conducting various entrusted services on behalf of other enterprises in the GI Group and third-party enterprises, recognizes the importance of personal information and the responsibility to protect it, has established this "Policy for Protection of Personal Information" based on the laws, regulations, policies and other standards set forth by the government, and conducts its activities as a trustworthy company.
In addition, all of the officers and employees of the company understand and practice the above and will continue making every effort to protect personal information.

  1. In recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, personal information shall be obtained, used, provided or entrusted only to the extent necessary for the business activities of the company, and the company shall explain the purpose of use and obtain approval from each person at the time of receiving the personal information. Personal information shall not be used for any purposes other than approved purposes, and the company shall take all necessary precautions to comply with this.
  2. The company shall take reasonable safety measures, precautions and corrective actions with respect to illegal access to personal information and the risk of loss, destruction, manipulation and leaking of personal information.
  3. The company shall make every effort to respond properly to any claim or question regarding the treatment of the protection of personal information and to maintain the appropriate structure to achieve this.
  4. The company shall continually review its control structure and projects for the protection of personal information and make every effort to improve them.

Established on March 1, 2008

GI Group

Please contact the following regarding any questions or requests about the handling of personal information.
GI Group
Compliance Office
TEL: +81-3-6703-0166
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